Minor Home Repair Grant Program

Clients who do not qualify for the loan program (Mobilehomes) might be eligible for a grant.

The City of Hayward’s Housing Rehabilitation Program offers one-time assistance loans and grants to eligible low income Hayward seniors and people with disabilities. Properties must be owner-occupied with at least one type of eligible repair outlined below:

Improved Accessibility:
Modifications to the home that improves residents’ ability to use wheelchairs, canes, crutches, or walkers; or aids in the performance of “activities of daily living (ADLs)” such as eating, bathing, or toileting. Examples: Ramps and safety grab-bars.
Code Corrections:
Correction of violation citations issued by City safety personnel or mobile-home park personnel.
Examples: Broken doors and windows, tarped roofs, vegetation that prevents safe entry/exit of the home.
System Failures:
Leaking roofs, rehabilitation of failing or inoperable systems including plumbing, electrical, or heating/air conditioning.

For more information, please call The City of Hayward Housing Rehabilitation Program at 510.583.4225


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