Alameda County Community Food Bank has been in business since 1985 … with a vision toward a day when we can go out of business. We are the hub of a vast collection and distribution network that provides food for 240 nonprofit agencies in Alameda County. In 2015, the Food Bank distributed 25 million meals — more than half of the food was fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to ensure every food insecure child, adult and senior in Alameda County knows where their next meal is coming from, by 2018.

Since moving into our permanent facility near the Oakland Airport in 2005 and leading the national food bank movement for a ban on the distribution of carbonated beverages, the Food Bank has ramped up distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables by more than 1,000%.

Need food today? Call:
(800) 870-FOOD (3663) or (510) 635-3663
Or visit
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Alameda County only)


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